What I’m reading

Well, that should be what I’m going to read…some time…

Two boxes of books arrived this week – woohoo! Lots of great fantasy titles to snuggle down with:

Night of Knives – Ian Esslemont

The Name of the Wind – Patrick Rothfuss

Mistborn trilogy – Brandon Sanderson

Evil for Evil and The Escapement – KJ Parker (I’ll have to go back and read Devices and Desires first)

Deep Water – Pamela Freeman

A Sword from Red Ice – JV Jones

Hawkspar – Holly Lisle

Several of these I’ve picked up because of podcasts. Adventures in Scifi Publishing is the main one, along with Writing Excuses, The Secrets and several others. It’s curious to watch the podcasting roll around – there’s a core of writers who use everything the internet has to offer to get themselves out there – Lafferty, Sanderson, Scalzi, Buckell to name a few, and another bunch who are happy to be interviewed: Weis, Hickman, Niven, Bear, Wolf, Reynolds etc. But beyond them is another layer who don’t seem to participate at all, Hobb/Lindholm, Wurts, Martin, Moon being good examples.

I admit that I’m curious; are they simply refusing to be interviewed? And if so, why? It’s strange looking down the podcast interview lists – the same names come up again and again, but at least half the really big writers never appear. Maybe you hit a point where the returns in sales are minimal, and it’s just not worth the effort. Maybe they’ve saturated the market…lucky, lucky people.

And I suppose I shouldn’t make too much of a noise about it. After all, maybe it’s the one final place that the big names don’t have a stranglehold on, and we shouldn’t make too much noise for fear they’ll trample all over it…


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