What’s bugging me…

Is that I have three novels within spitting distance of completion and I can’t get any of them finished.

The only one that interests me is the one that I suspect might actually turn out to need a lot of structural work once I read the ‘completed’ MS. The other two? One just isn’t sparking, and one has two scenes to be written that I just can’t work out how to handle.

And of course, now two fresh stories are nibbling at my brain. One is another contemporary romance and again loosely focused on disability (paraplegia, blindness) and the other is a new SF story set around Confluence, a rather strange space station with a disconcerting AI….

Damn. I really can’t start anything new. Refrain and Coda is still on the back burner, as is Sickbay.

I really need some clear writing time.


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