Pride and Precipitation


When you get married, that’s the start of living happily ever after, right?

Despite all his promises, Stephen is back at the office, and back to his old life. Despite all her protests, Alice’s life is beginning to look like that of the trophy wife she’d been so determined to avoid. Something has to give, but neither of them knows how to handle an increasingly unstable relationship.

Stephen travels to Rio, expanding the SuperStar empire, leaving Alice behind. But nothing turns out as he hoped; his Brazilian contact’s Columbian connections are worrying, and his predeliction for underage women downright alarming. Even SuperStar isn’t worth this. He needs an escape, and a few days as a tourist in the Amazon might just be the answer.

Back in LA, Alice discovers she has broken another promise she made Stephen, one he’s unlikely to forgive. This time she’s really blown it.

Then a small plane crashes in the Amazon jungle.

Bereaved and alone, Alice is left holding the reins of Stephen’s disintegrating company. Should she try and save it, or will the cost be too high?

Stephen’s task is simpler: to survive long enough to reach civilisation. And what on earth is a caiman, anyway?


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