The First Time They Met

‘Crazy’ Jack MacKinnon is forty-nine when his life hits a wall—literally. A 100mph car crash wrecks his new Lamborghini, his Hollywood career and his drug, alcohol, and sex-fueled life. All he remembers of the accident is the stunning silver eyes of the helicopter doctor as she saved his life.

Lyssa Carlyle has worked for the helicopter service for over a decade. She could blame its unsociable hours, its physical and mental demands, or even her bullying boss for her long-term single state. But she knows it’s really none of those reasons.

During his long, painful recovery, Jack fantasises about Silver Eyes. She rescued him once; she’ll rescue him again from his despair, help him deal with the devastating permanence of his injuries. Four months after the accident, he gets his agent to track her down, and invites her to dinner.

Lyssa Carlyle (size 16, not beautiful, struggling with burnout) meets Jack MacKinnon (scarred, exhausted and depressed) at Le Caprice. Shocked at her failure to live up to his expectations, he lets her see his disappointment and horror.

Jack certainly doesn’t expect her to rescue him from a prison sentence for drink driving with a timely offer of community work for the helicopter service. Nor does he expect her to take care of him when his recovery proves less complete than he’d hoped. A tentative friendship begins to develop. But then there’s Selina, the new helicopter doctor; slim, gorgeous, and smart, too—what man could resist?

Lyssa has her poetry, her cats and her great-uncle Vivian, an actor whose career was truncated by a devastating stroke. She knows what’s important, and she’s not going to let Jack MacKinnon walk in and destroy it. Falling in love with him would be the stupidest act of her life.

Free excerpt:

The First Time They Met


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